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Posted by on December 31st, 2014

Contributors of Clothes/Shoes, Vivian Customs

If you’ve sent in shoes or clothing for our models to wear, please email me at with the subject line of “Contributions”.  Let me know what items you’ve sent in so that I can finally get an accurate log going of who has sent in what.  I’d also like to know what type of pedal pumping clips you’re into so that I can better work on getting content of that type in the items you’ve sent in.  You can use this link here to tell me which shoes you’ve sent.  This is all the shoes we currently have.  Just copy/paste the link or image and add it to the email.

If you haven’t sent in anything and want to, feel free to send items to the address on our ‘Contact Us’ page.  When doing so, it’s VERY IMPORTANT to put a note in the box with some type of identifying information (ie; email, nickname, username..something).  Items can be sent in for future customs you want to order, for a few pictures of a model wearing them or for me to eventually use in filming updates.

Also, Vivian is now available for customs.  Not much time before her shoot, so act fast.  I’ll be closing orders down in a few days to give her time to pack all the items needed.  Links is on her model page here.

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