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***Update***: Customs closed. If you didn’t receive an invoice from me, customs¬†filled up before I got to your form. If we have time leftover, I’ll do as many as I can from those that didn’t get an invoice from me and then touch base with you after the shoot about sending payment. I do apologize to those that sent a form but didn’t get an invoice.***

Be sure to check out their model pages for a link to the custom video form. Please read ALL of the information in the boxes as you fill out the form.  We look forward to doing these for you folks!
Cherry Morgan
Dakota Charms
Remember, all customs must be paid before the day of the shoot. Any details that you want to change after submitting your form will reset your place in line, so be sure to put all your details in the first time. NO changes can be made to your custom once payment is made. Custom download links are sent within 10 days from the shoot, so please be patient before emailing me about the status or progress of your video.

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