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Posted by on April 29th, 2015

Tags & Keywords for Searching Videos

For those of you that have searched or are searching through our library of clips, what kind of keywords or tags would you like to see me add to help make the ‘digging for treasure’ (searching for clips) more accurate and user-friendly to find what you’re looking for?
I try to keep it somewhat simple and hit the broad words like: cranking, driving, stuck, revving, brake failure so the main genres are easy to find Then I put in some specific words like: boots, high heels, pantyhose, flooded, parking lot  to help folks narrow down that search even more.
I often get emails with folks asking about a particular kind of clip and because I can’t remember exactly what each clip has in it, I may not be able to direct them to that clip without an exhaustive search.
Comment below or shoot me an email: with some suggestions on what searchable words you would like to see me add and I’ll work on incorporating them into future updates.  I won’t be able to add them to past clips as that would take so.much.time!  But maybe I can make future searching a little better.

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