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August 15th was our 15-year mark. That’s a milestone no one else has reached. In this ever-dwindling niche` community, I want to thank you all who have supported and kept us going all this time. Some of you have been with us all 15 of those years and some of you have joined us somewhere along the way. I can’t believe we’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to go on this long at the pace we have. I’m truly grateful to each of you for giving Scarlet and I the support needed to keep this site going. Thanks to you all, we keep growing and expanding in various ways. Some years, it’s cars that change and some years, it’s models that come and go. Then you have a year like this one, where we’ve made an upgrade in our location that will help us expand even more. Regardless of the change, every year has been a growth in some way, shape or form. So let’s keep it going for another 15!! đŸ™‚
Keep on keepin on,

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