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Posted by on April 18th, 2014

4 Models Available for Customs, Act Now!

**Update:  Hana & Riley are now closed for customs. **

Custom video orders are now open for the following models:  Hana, Raquel Derek, Riley & Vivian Ireene Pierce.  When submitting your custom forms, be sure to remember these things:
1)  Be sure to include everything in the custom form as that is the only thing I take with me when we shoot your video.  Multiple changes that are made via separate emails will NOT make it into your video.  You will need to resubmit the form entirely.

2)  Refer to THIS post to see all the shoes/boots we have available in our model closet for models to use.  If you see a pair of shoes in the size of the model you want, be sure to add that direct link for the shoes in the ‘Outfit’ section of the form.  Don’t describe it, don’t reference a number, send the link.  Of course, shoes models’ have can still be used as well.

We look forward to making more customs for you folks!!

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